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Radar Simulation

DigitalGemini uses novel computational approaches that produce high-fidelity radar outputs for a variety of imaging radar technologies, including FMCW and PMCW.

Sensor-specific APIs enable vendors to configure attennas, waveforms, modulation, DSP, and postprocessing.

Pre-computation and GPU acceleration enable ultrahigh throughput.

Cloud-native. Easy to integrate into existing workflows.

Integrates with standard work-flows

Integrates with 3D simulation environments like Unreal and Unity, and driving simulators such as CARLA and LG-SVL.

Integration provided through ROS.

Simple to set up. APIs available for custom integrations and workflows.

DGSim: Key Characteristics

Simulation Speed

Simulation Accuracy

Radar Support

Multiple Output Formats

Ready-to-use Models and Maps

CARLA maps with buildings, static objects, roadway elements, and over 25 vehicle types are now available.

Sample Output

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